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Welcome to the SCORE™ section of Olerup-SSP. Here you can download and upgrade you SCORE™ software and databases. If you have any questions plese refer to the help section.

About SCORE™

Helmberg-SCORE™ is a supportive tool to perform a standardised evaluation of genotyping results on a broad basis. The program relies on the principles of "Virtual DNA Analysis", which allows a combined evaluation of different genotyping techniques. The original article "Virtual DNA Analysis - a new tool for combination and standardised evaluation of SSO, SSP and sequencing based typing results; W. Helmberg, G. Lanzer, R. Zahn, B. Weinmayr, T. Wagner, E. Albert; Tissue Antigens, 51, 587 (1998), was a consequence of a collaboration between UBT, Medical University Graz, and LFI, Klinikum der Universität München.

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